Felt Letter Board by Obliviscar

Felt Letter Board by Obliviscar

I was super impressed with this board. The cursive letters are not the same as the ordinary letters on the market. They are unique and cute. In other letter board sets, there are only a fixed number of cursive phrases, and this letter board set is a full cursive design. The letters come in white and black. Each letter has a lovely arc, and the effect is great! Cursive letters are divided into uppercase and lowercase letters, whereas many other letter board sets contain only monotonous uppercase letters. The majority of the letters and symbols are in white however there is a full set of black uppercase and lowercase letters and some symbols. There are a ton of cute expressions and symbols, such as puppies, ponies, cutlery, balloons and more.

I love the rustic wood frame with the grey board, it fits my needs perfectly. This letter board is perfect for craft fairs, product pricing in photos, first and last day of school photos, baby age photos, weddings, parties, and my favorite cute notes to my daughters!


Felt Letter Board Video

Grab yours here:
Felt Letter Board by Obliviscar


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