AceCamp Kids Sleeping Bag

AceCamp Kids Sleeping Bag

This glow in the dark kids sleeping bag by AceCamp is adorable! It has a temp rating of 30F/ -1C. The interior is lined with 100% cotton flannel, making it soft and comfortable. Other kid sleeping bags don’t have good insulating and are too slippery to keep the kids in the bag. This sleeping bag did not have those issues. The hood is elastic so no cords near your child’s head. The bag can be compressed in a compression sack and weighs less than most adult bags at 2 lbs., 4 oz so kids will have no trouble rolling up and packing their sleeping bag into the included storage sack. It’s not a down sleeping bag, so it doesn’t compress very small, but it was still very manageable.
It is made of quality materials and the zipper works fantastic with its reversible toggle. The zipper pull goes all the way around making it easy to zip whether you’re inside or outside the bag. This sleeping bag fits kids up to four feet, eight inches. This bag also features a small interior pocket where they can keep a flashlight, other small items, or the storage bag. The glow-in-the-dark dots need light to charge it up before using at night. Both direct sunlight and artificial light can be used to charge the glow. The kids loved that it glows in the dark too! There are fun designs that are all over the bag that are made to look like stars in the night sky or outer space. Some of the animals include a bear, wolf, and deer. The bag is made with a DWR coating that will keep it dry.

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Kids Sleeping Bag

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