Gluten Free World Tour Cookbook: Internationally Inspired Gluten Free Recipes

Gluten Free World Tour Cookbook: Internationally Inspired Gluten Free Recipes

Most people think gluten-free means food that is all protein or just blah, but that is so not true. I love trying new food on my family just for the thrill of the look they give me when they see the new cookbook I’ve been using and their mouths drop and say who knew with complete amazement. All the recipes in this book are simple and easy to make but are so delicious your tastebuds scream thank you. A few favorites are the dragon fruit sherbet and the chai hot cocoa. The homemade naan is to die for! The dodo was loved by all and the popped sorghum and hummus a wonderful treat.
I liked the “know your ingredients” section giving me information on items I was not familiar with in the recipe. Also, it was great to find different gluten recipes than the same old standards. Great find.
I have been gluten-free for many years and look at a lot of cookbooks every month. This one was a pleasant surprise because of the helpful way it was put together. Here are a few things that I really liked:
* Each recipe has an “intro” that tells a little bit about it and many times is like a little history lesson for an ingredient or specialty of the particular recipe.
* Shows ways to make substitutions if desired, or needed.
* Gives an idea of quantities needed in a helpful way, such as “1 bunch cilantro is about 2 cups loosely packed before chopping”.
* Is specific about the size to chop the ingredients, such as “1/2 inch pieces”.
All of these things give the cook solid information to make a successful dish. It is better to have specifics rather than flounder when making a new recipe.

I chose three recipes to try with pretty good success. The first was the Pimento Cheese Spread. This is not a new kind of recipe for me and I make a similar one fairly frequently. However, what drew me to this was one of the variations listed……to make it with pepper jack cheese, rather than cheddar. I have never thought of that before and I must say it was tasty, especially on celery sticks. I plan to make this again. The second one I tried was the Mexican Spiced Brownies. This is a flourless brownie that turned out well and was enjoyed by several tasters. The last one was the Carne Asada Burgers. I didn’t care for this one too much because it didn’t really taste much different than a regular burger. I am looking forward to making more such as the Cauliflower Falafel, and the Popped Sorghum.

I would recommend this cookbook for anyone looking for some new gluten-free recipes that are put together in an informative and easy to understand way.
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