Bodymate Compression Wrap… I’M BATMAN!

Bodymate Compression Wrap… I’M BATMAN!

This thing works great! A little uncomfortable to wear at 1st or if you put it on wrong but worth the money in spades. I have sciatic pain when standing still and can only last about an hour or so before my leg and low back are throbbing and the little gnomes wake up and begin attempting to dig their way out via pickaxes.  On a bad day, I will still feel a little bit of pain but the Compression Wrap keeps it at bay. You know that scene in The Dark Knight Rises, where Bruce Wayne has been to the doctor who told him he had no cartilage left in his joints and there was so much scar tissue that the doctor didn’t even know how he was even walking around…but then Bruce goes back to the Batcave and puts on some apparently magic knee brace that somehow takes care of all that and allows him to fight crime as Batman again? Well, this compression wrap isn’t THAT good…but it’s close.


The only con I have is that it does not have directions as to which leg to put the compression wrap on. I was thoroughly impressed that it really is “one size fits MOST”. I am a big girl and managed to get it around my chubby thigh and voluptuous hips and belly with minimal discomfort. I would advise wearing leggings under the wrap if you are thick as the velcro *may* rub your skin depending on your curves.
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