All Natural Decorative Sprinkles for Baking

All Natural Decorative Sprinkles for Baking

As both of my daughters have ADHD, we do our best to treat their symptoms through a clean food diet. This has been difficult on special occasions as many of the baking decorations are full of artificial colors and flavors. I am in love with the sprinkles from Quality Sprinkles! Their colors are vibrant without sacrificing the sweetness associated with mainstream baking sprinkles. We made a cake for a family member’s birthday and wanted the girls to be able to enjoy the cake as well which made for the PERFECT opportunity to use our Halloween Stars to decorate the cake.  Everyone loved the flavors and colors! I look forward to using them again as we get closer to Halloween!

If you are on a restricted diet or just prefer to eat clean, these sprinkles give the best opportunity to treat yourself without filling your body with unwanted substances. I am SO happy to have found this company and look forward to using their products for various holiday baking events!


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