Jade Facial Roller Set

Jade Facial Roller Set

I have been interested in the Jade Roller for a while but I hadn’t found one that I felt was of quality material. At least not at a reasonable price. So when I saw this one, I jumped on it. They have some pretty decent reviews and a reasonable price.


This roller did not disappoint. I love this set down to the packaging. The color variations are beautiful. No cracks or splitting on the roller. It’s polished to a smooth finish, sturdy, and light enough to handle with ease.


I like the idea that I can use it to apply the product and will save on product usage that would normally absorb into my hands. I also appreciate that it keeps my hands off of my face because the oils on our hands really aren’t good for our face. Not to mention, we pick up bacteria with everything we touch. It’s just not good for your face. Plus, I tend to be a picker and not using my hands to rub in my products will reduce that habit. If I don’t feel it, I don’t pick at it. It also aids in the reduction of dark circles and under-eye puffiness, improves skin, and overall facial health.


The Gua Sha stone that I received in this set isn’t quite as nice as the roller. It does have some imperfections. It isn’t as smooth but it does do the job. I won’t be using it as much as the roller but it is a nice addition none the less.


Overall, I would recommend this set. It is reasonably priced and a good kit to have on hand.

Grab yours here: Jade Facial Roller Set

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