Go Party Supplies Glow Stick Party Pack

Go Party Supplies Glow Stick Party Pack

I was a raver girl in my younger days and I still love all things that glow, so whenever I see glow sticks at a decent price I grab them. And 200 sticks + 200 connectors + 4 eyeglasses connectors + 4 triple bracelet connectors + 4 butterfly bracelet connectors + 2 ball connectors + 2 headband connectors for under $20 is a great thing! Tons of glowing fun WILL be had!

Some nights I give each of my daughters (9 and 5) a few before they go to bed so they can giggle, whisper, and tell stories in the dark as all sisters should do from time to time. Stories about warrior queens with magickal glowing creatures that rescue princes from the evil darkness, stories about fairies that fly around and glow in the dark, stories about glowing aliens and rocket ships, and even stories about fantastical light parades put on in the dead of night by glowing pirates!

When our town has its 4th of July event, I also like to take glow sticks for our group of adults and children to crack open before the fireworks show. It saves all the parents from the “I want that overpriced glow necklace from the vendor over there” and everyone enjoys them.

I have also decided to add glow sticks to our summer night brazier BBQ and s’ mores events this year. Because really, who doesn’t love glow sticks!? Thank you Go Party Supplies for making this retired raver girl a happy mama!

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Grab yours here: Glow Sticks Party Pack 

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