Zevrex 15lb Weighted Blanket

Zevrex 15lb Weighted Blanket

I did a ton of research on weighted blankets for my daughters who are both restless sleepers and slept the best when they were swaddled tightly as babies. Just as finding the right pillow and mattress can make a difference in how restful the night is, the right blanket may be equally – and in some cases even more – important. I’ve read multiple studies that showed that more than 60% of those who’ve tried weighted blankets reported less stress and anxiety as a direct result. A weighted blanket’s ability to lower anxiety levels and reduce stress can be especially important for those who deal with sensory processing disorders and ADHD. But I was skeptical. Would it be too heavy? Would my oldest daughter who has mild ADHD be ok with it? So, I’ve decided to try it out myself. I made sure to choose a blanket filled with beads, not sand after reading multiple reviews as I had no desire to wake in a pile of sand like so many others that purchased sand-weighted blankets had. And I can only wonder just how long such a blanket would last if it constantly leaked its contents all over my sheets.

And I can say that getting this weighted blanket was exciting for someone like me who has spent a lifetime suffering from insomnia. When I was younger, I used to say I was just a “night owl”, but when chronic pain entered the picture, I began to wonder if I’d ever enjoyed a good night’s sleep. You don’t need to be an insomniac to enjoy the benefits and luxurious feel of a weighted blanket. And for the rest of us? The right weighted blanket is like resting in your own personal cloud of comfort. There’s an almost magical feel when resting at night underneath a well-made weighted blanket. It’s a relaxing, quality experience of comfort incomparable to anything else. I will definitely be purchasing one for each of my daughters!

I highly recommend this weighted blanket made by Zevrex!
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