Topcraft Pet Grooming Gloves

Topcraft Pet Grooming Gloves

They are great. I haven’t tried the ‘As Seen On TV’ version of the grooming mitt, but that’s what I was looking for when I saw this. These look much more pliable than the other options. They certainly are pliable. Like a gardening glove with little flexible nubs for grabbing loose hair. It’s easier to use both hands and the gloves are great for grooming. You can use them just as if you are petting the dog and it takes off all the loose hair. The flexibility lets you groom legs easily. I will say you do not have to push very hard while grooming them. I’m sure if you did, the dogs would let you know that it was too much.


These are excellent high-quality gloves. The stretch fabric is thick and heavyweight with Velcro closure to ensure a good, tight fit on my wrists. The palms are strong, thick rubber with rounded nubs and the fingers have sharper nubs for scratching.
I have two Argentinian Dogos. Short hair. These gloves do a good job of grooming them. The dogs enjoy it too. They will lay down and roll over so I can get to their belly. With short hair, most of the hair sticks to the gloves for a little bit. I also like how also removes some of the oils from the hair. There is a residue on the gloves after grooming them. I have not done it yet, but I’m sure a little soap and water will clean the gloves easily. I have also read that it helps if you wet them slightly before use. This helps the hair stay on the gloves instead of floating about as you groom.
I am sure these gloves will get a great deal of use. My dogs loved for me to use them and I love them, too. I highly recommend these well-constructed gloves for dog washing, grooming, and a soothing massage. Just keep in mind the thickness of your dog fur when using because some dogs with fine fur could be harmed without proper care. And I really like the fact that they are machine washable.
The size is perfect for me. I have small-Medium hands and these fit “like a glove” (pun TOTALLY intended.)
PetGrooming Gloves

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