Gifbera 2 Pack Tea Infuser Set

Gifbera 2 Pack Tea Infuser Set

I know. I realize that MOST people would buy a tea infuser to infuse TEA. I am quite aware of this fact. However, this is me we are talking about and I am not a “normal” person. I saw this set and thought “this would work great for coffee too.” And it does!

The coffee flavor is similar to that of a slow pour strainer with the added benefit of allowing the infuser to sit in the hot water longer for a stronger cup of coffee, much like a french press without the residue and bitter aftertaste. The set comes with two infusers, which is fantastic as I will designate one to coffee and the other to loose leaf tea. The lid also functioning as a coaster is an ingenious idea. I am VERY pleased with this purchase! Not only will I use it at home, but I will also take it on vacations, and camping trips!

Grab yours here:

Gifbera Infuser Set

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