TerraMax Pro Premium Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil for Dogs and Cats

TerraMax Pro Premium Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil for Dogs and Cats

This has been a wonderful addition for our dogs.

We have two Argentinian Dogos with skin allergies. They are sensitive to all of the crap put into dog food and who knows what else… Their skin ends up getting dry and itchy. This has been very helpful. We add a few squirts to their food every night. They absolutely love this stuff.


The especially nice thing about this bottle is that you get quite a bit for a good price. It seems to have given us the same benefits as some of the more expensive brands, but you tend to get a little more bang for your buck with this big bottle. Per the directions of 1 pump (1/2tbsp) for every 25lbs of the animal’s weight, our female gets 3 pumps (she’s 80lbs) and our male gets 4 (he’s just over 100lbs). This is SUCH a small amount, the bottle will last for months. It’s great quality for sure!





This stuff works really well to keep dogs’ coats shiny and looking great. This keeps their skin from getting super dry and flaky as well. Since we’ve been using fish oil, we’ve seen a decrease in the itching the female has been having in the evening. It’s great quality for sure!
I would highly recommend this product for anyone who’s dog or cat needs help with their coat or skin.
Pros: Soft shiny coat, reduction in skin irritation/itching, great price.
Cons: The round bottle arrived slightly out of shape. (which I don’t really care about but that’s the only con I have found.)
Grab yours here:
TerraMax Pro

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