12 Colors Glass Paint Non-Toxic Transparent Glass Painting Supplies

12 Colors Glass Paint Non-Toxic Transparent Glass Painting Supplies

I decided to try these glass paints to add to my summer projects with my daughters. A couple of things about glass paints if you haven’t worked with them before. You can use them like acrylics or oils however with glass paints your mantra will be less is more. They go on very thin and need to dry between coats. The more solid you want the color, the more coats you need to apply and let them dry in between. Overall, I’m happy with these and would highly recommend them for anyone beginning glass painting. If you’re looking for a very pale tint to your glass, this is for you. If you want a more vibrant coverage, you need to apply two, three and even four coats. I found that the small tubes did not color very much glass once I realized that multiple coats are necessary. Also, glass paints tend to have a strong odor, these paints are no different. Working with children or if you have asthma or are sensitive to chemical smells always crack a window or work in a very ventilated space.

These paints have the adhesive for bonding mixed in, so you don’t have to use a surface conditioner. I painted two test glasses and one of the glasses I put surface conditioner on before painting and there was no difference between how the paint adhered to the glasses. You can mix the colors in a little palate if you want to get even more creative.

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