Mefashion STEM 4WD DIY Climbing Car

Mefashion STEM 4WD DIY Climbing Car

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I purchased this for my daughter, it says +6 but I would say it’s really for older kids who are so much into Engineering/DIY projects. It has small screws and so many detailed steps. This is a great item, very educational and fun. It comes with some spare parts which are considerate for kids. My 9yo daughter tried to put together a DIY drone by herself without help and became very frustrated. This seems to be more complicated than the drone and will require some help When assembling the drone, she made couple mistakes such as put the gear in the wrong order but end up asking good questions and understand why they need to be set up in certain order. I believe this will help her understand the basic ideas on how motor drives the vehicle wheels through this exercise and will also have a fun toy to play with. The directions seem clear. I believe it will be a fun experience to put this together after Christmas.

We really enjoy STEM activities. This kit seems like it is going to be tons of fun. The only thing I was unhappy with was the shipping time. It took much longer than I expected. But, as this is going to be saved for Christmas, it wasn’t a disaster. If you are looking for a last minute gift or to purchase and receive this quick, I would not choose this specific company.

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