Sorry, No Habla Fucktardo 12oz Mug

Sorry, No Habla Fucktardo 12oz Mug

As an avid coffee (and casual tea) drinker flavor is an important factor when choosing a coffee mug for sipping your favorite brew, one of the most fundamental decisions you’ll make is what material you want the mug made from. There are three main options: plastic, metal, and ceramic. The material you settle on will have an impact on your coffee’s flavor. Plastic absorbs flavors; over time, plastic absorbs odors and flavors, the flavors and aromas can collect which makes identifying finer notes of coffees difficult, if not impossible. Stainless steel sometimes imparts flavors; stainless steel doesn’t absorb flavors, but it sometimes imparts off flavors into the coffee. Ceramic is neutral; for flavor, ceramic is the best choice. It neither absorbs nor imparts flavors, leaving the coffee to taste just as it should.
I am sure EVERYONE who knows me knows that I am an avid coffee drinker and mug collector. I am always on the search for funny mugs to add to my collection or give as gifts. I love this mug! It is a bit small for my personal collection as it only holds 12 ounces but will make a perfect gift for a casual coffee or tea drinker. It is funny and adorable and lightweight. The words are large enough that it makes it simple and easy to read and they are sharp and clear, not smudged or cheap looking. The mug says that it is microwavable however the handle becomes very hot when heated in the microwave so I would avoid using a microwave to heat anything in the cup. From past experiences when I have had this issue with a mug sometime later cracks appear in the glaze and often the handle falls off.

If you are looking for a fun mug of your own or to give as a gift, grab yours here:
Funny Mug

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