Halloween Coloring Book

Halloween Coloring Book

Love it! This book is nothing short of adorable. If you can’t find something to make you smile in here, well you’re out of luck! Bought a handful of books as I love to color. I almost didn’t get this book, thinking I’d like the others better. This one is just so much fun! Different levels of detailing from page to page so that you have options to fit your mood. Pages thick enough to use gel pens and not bleed through to the next page. Many designs to choose from. Interesting, different patterns. The pictures are single sided which is good if you are using gel pens to color with. I wish there were more pages and that the entire page was used for the pictures but overall this is a nice coloring book. If you enjoy coloring different types of designs, you should enjoy this book. I’ve used pencils, gel pens and brush pens on these designs.











If you are interested in this fun coloring book, grab yours here:

Halloween Coloring

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