Watercolor Real Brush Pens Set

Watercolor Real Brush Pens Set

We purchased this pen set because we were in need of a way to touch up the dried flowers on boxes for the shop at Thornesworld. When I opened the package I was quite impressed. the reusable case it comes in is convenient and decent quality. I was expecting a sub-par product as I have not found many watercolor brush pen sets that are good quality at an affordable price. However, this watercolor brush pen set is FANTASTIC! We used it to touch up a few of the flowers whose color had faded after being pressed. They worked wonders! Absolutely wonderful! We cannot wait to use them in many of our upcoming products! These provide a great range of colors and with no mess. The set also comes with an extra plain brush that can be filled with water to create the watercolor effect. The brushes give the feel of an ordinary pen. No smell, no mess, and very vibrant colors! They blend well without too much water. I think they are well suited for a variety of art projects. they also are a fantastic way to introduce someone who is not an experienced watercolor artist to watercolor painting.

If you are interested in getting a set, you can grab yours here:

Watercolor Brush Set
All in all, we are very impressed and pleased with this purchase and recommend it for anyone interested in watercolors!

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