Security Camera WiFi Camera

Security Camera WiFi Camera

ALIKE 720P Indoor Tilt Wireless Security IP Camera Full HD Home Video Surveillance System with HD Night Vision, Motion Detection Pan, Two-Way Audio, Cloud Storage (Gold)

Everything was described, there were only a few steps to make it work, attached to the power cord which is VERY short and would not securely attach to the camera, installed the app on my cellphone, attempted to connect to the internet WiFi and BAM! it would not connect. The WiFi receiver on this camera was too weak to pick up my router in the very next room. I am SUPER bummed. I was looking forward to this purchase out of everything I have purchased this month! I was looking forward to checking in on the girls while I was at school, work, or running errands. I was REALLY looking forward to the intercom feature! Like REALLY looking forward to not having to yell down the hall to get their attention. To not having to scream every time I heard them being ugly to one another. To be able to pop into the app to check on them in the middle of the night.

I. Am. So. Sad.


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