Just Here to Raise a Little Hell…

Just Here to Raise a Little Hell…

Grocery shopping is often an uneventful activity for most. In general, I also find it to be a fairly uneventful and mundane chore. WITH THE EXCEPTION OF TODAY!!! I had to run into town for some staples (tp, tootsie rolls, wine… you get the gist.) As I am in the checkout lane, behind a middle age white couple that SCREAM Trump supporters, scrolling through my phone Becky says to Chad under her breath “of course she had to come out TODAY.”

Chad replies “Who? ”

Becky “HER. The pretend WITCH!”

Chad “SHUT UP! She probably IS a WITCH!”

Yes, Chad. Yes, Becky. I AM a Witch and it is my SOLE purpose to venture out of my cave on Sundays to FUCK YOUR DAY UP and raise a little hell.

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